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What Is 4K / UHD

Beyond being the hottest buzzword in consumer electronics, 4K is a breakthrough technology that's shaking up the industry and rewriting the rulebook on image quality. 4K TV sets are now available from most of the major TV manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Sony, and Sharp, Panasonic and Vizio and a slew of second tier players. But these are merely the tip of the technological iceberg. This new standard affects not just the world of TV and cinema, but also cameras, smartphones, tablets, computer monitors and video games. Practically anything that displays images or records video will need to reckon with 4K in the coming years.

You only need to know one thing about it: 4K means more pixels. How many more pixels? About 8 million, which is around four times your current 1080p set can display. More pixels means more information. More information means sharper pictures. Sharper pictures are more engaging. More engaging content is more fun. And fun... well, fun is the thing, isn't it?

What can I see in 4K/UHD?

Most new major motion pictures and many TV shows are now shooting in 4K. Netflix, Amazon and Sony are already offering shows in 4K/UHD, with many more to follow, as the industry moves toward establishing 4K as the resolution standard. SwigStream 4K TV Media Stick allows you to watch the current 4K content selections, as well as all to enjoy the newest film and TV productions, as soon as they are released, in the quality they are intended to be seen.

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