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Why Swig4K?

What differentiates Swig4K from Roku, Amazon, Apple TV and other networked OTT devices?

The World’s First and Only OTT Device, Of Any Size, To Stream UHD/4K@ 60fps At Under 6.5 Mbps. Superior Video Delivery Insures Our Unfair Market Advantage, But There Is So Much More…

Powered By Patent-Pending Video Compression, Encoding & Streaming Technologies and Delivered On a Quad-Core, OTT Device Loaded With Cutting Edge Components and Encased In A Metal Grinded Case for Unmatched Heat Dissipation and Looks.

The First Android TV Stick to Support 4K*2K H.265 Decoding, and the Only OTT Device to Support SwigStream 4K Streaming Low Bandwidth Streaming.

SwigStream 4K TV™ Stick offers the option of delivering 4K/UHD in both our patent pending SwigStream H.264 format and in H.265. SwigStream4K™ is also compatible with just about all popular playback devices currently in the marketplace, from mobile phones on up, and requires almost less than half the bandwidth needed for H.265 format.

Furthermore, SWIG4K MEDIA STICK is the first and only globally networked OTT device of any size which:
  • Offers a Quad-Core Processor
  • Next generation Octo-core Graphic Processing Unit (GPU)
  • MPEG –SwigStreaming (Optimized MPEG—DASH) both LIVE and VOD. This most advanced streaming solution insures very high video quality, smooth streaming, and eliminates buffering. It also offers the lowest startup delay, and delivers HD, 4K and beyond over IP. (See attachment for additional information)
  • Secure DVR function with option of recording to internal memory (up to 16 GB), flash card or external drive. Patent Pending DVR function restricts playback only on the Swig Stick Used for the DVR.
  • Best game performance (with game controller option)
Back-end differentiating features

Each device is connected to Swig’s Global Media Cloud and control center, which is networked in REAL-TIME with SWIG’s Single Big Media Data Bank. This offers unprecedented and real-time:

  • Content Rights Management Control (e.g. PPV charges, text can be changed in real-time)
  • Dynamic Territory Rights Contingent Guide and Real-Time Territory Access Modifications
  • Real-Time authentication (much like ATM) on every single video access!
  • Real-time interaction with end users
  • Automated End-to-end distribution (from ingestion to transaction and reporting)
  • Unprecedented Piracy Prevention options, along with more common DRM options.
MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP)

MPEG-DASH is the future of online multimedia streaming. Why?

Because MPEG-DASH will allow one standardized codec for all devices that can connect to the Internet over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), thus essentially eliminating the need for multiple transcoding. MPED- SwigStreaming utilizes Patent pending compression and optimization solutions created by Swig Media to amplify the already benefits of MPEG-DASH, by further reducing bandwidth consumption, storage needs, and most notably the need for CDNs (one of THE major costs associated with content delivery over IP).

The key to this new codec is interoperability. For the consumer, this means you can watch streaming content on your smartphone, on your Internet-connected TV, on your set-top box, at your desktop computer, on your tablet — you name it. You’re probably thinking that higher quality video is great for high-speed broadband at home, but on 3G smartphones, giant video files never work out. The beauty of MPEG-DASH is the quality of the video is directly in proportion to the playback device, the network conditions and user preferences. This dynamic streaming adapts to your device to give you the best quality experience.

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